Do you have ideas?

I’ve got a million of them.

They live in my head, swirling around, bouncing into one another, making for a jumbled mess of good intentions. And you know…they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just sayin. So, the only way any of them will have a fighting chance is if I write them down.

Photo by Green Chameleon from Unsplash

Clarity, people. That’s what we need here.

Most folks like to begin the new year resolutions in January. That is, after all, the start of the calendar year. The only problem with that is if you don’t start laying the groundwork before January 1st, you’re off to a slow start.

Not only are you already behind. but you can get crushed in the crowd of well intentioned people trying to push off of the starting block. And then midway through January, you’re still struggling with the plan and battling with your inner critics who tell you to sit down and watch Netflix.

It happens every year. If you don’t believe me, go to the gym on January 3rd. Then go back on January 15th. BIG difference. You’ll probably have no problems at all getting a treadmill on the 15th.

That’s because people spend all of December eating, drinking, buying presents, stressing out, with the idea that on January 1st, the New Plan is going into effect.

Only problem is that there is no New Plan. The New Plan is more like a vague idea with lots of wishes. No teeth behind it to get it going.

So rather than be that guy again this year, why not make a course correction?

Go ahead and get all holiday cheery, but take some time to make an actual plan. One that has real objectives. One that has some actions to help meet the objectives.

Get some eggnog. Check back in. We’ll work on a New Plan.